NuBuild Toners


How do NuBuild™ toners differ from re-mans?

NSA’s NuBuild™ toners are made of completely new molded plastics and new components similar to OEM toners. Re-mans are OEM toners that are disassembled, refurbished and reassembled.

Are they legal?

Yes, all NSA Eco-Certified™ NuBuild™ toners must be free of any patent right infringement to be allowed into the country. NSA will not import any toner or inkjet that infringes on a company’s intellectual property.

How do you know?

NSA uses several factories to source our components. Each factory must employ patent engineers and show us their patents for each line of toners.

Why use new build?

These toners carry a much lower cost point. They address a need in the market in several ways. They allow you to compete aggressively in most bid situations, they address the price conscious “mid-market” customer and competes with Amazon prices.

Can they be used for government business?

They can be used for state and local government business but are not Trade Act (TAA) compliant and therefore cannot be used when TAA compliant product is requested.

What is the reliability rate?

NSA Eco-Certified™ toners have a collective defective rate of app. 1%. It makes sense that they will perform in similar fashion to OEM as they are both made from all new components.

Where are OEM Toners typically made?

Two examples of OEM toner manufacturing are HP, they make their toners in Japan and Samsung OEM toners are made in China similar to ours.

Are we indemnified against possible IP infringement?

Yes, all NSA customers are indemnified when they buy NSA Eco-Certified™ Toners as directed under the UCC.