Changes in Storage? Don’t Forget Data Destruction on Tapes!

The end of the fourth quarter is right around the corner and with that comes possible decisions about changes in your storage. This may entail switching to another type of data storage, configuring a hybrid technology, or making system and product upgrades. If tape has or will have a role in your storage solution, you should also have a plan in place for when they need to be retired. Rather than take up room in your data center, tapes need to be safely removed and put through data destruction that you can rely on as secure. At NSA, Inc. we are a tape company with the equipment and knowledge to make sure this process is smooth and cost effective for your company.
The data destruction process we utilize meets the standards of the NIST 800-88 and DoD, which should be a requirement for your company. Our team makes sure nothing remains on the tapes so no data can be compromised. Completed in our secure facility, the erasure, testing, and recertification process is extensive. After being inspected for any damage the tapes are scanned and evaluated. They are put through a process of erasure and recertification that includes media write and read tests. Each tapes must meet or exceed new tape performance criteria. Any tapes that fail after erasure are recycled with a R2 certified electronic recycler. Tapes are then re-formatted and will act as new/blank tapes. A data destruction certificate is then issued to confirm the erasure has been completed.
You may be using tape but plan to upgrade to a new generation, have used but are changing your storage platform, or plan on decommissioning your data center altogether. No matter the situation, if you need help with tape recycling NSA Inc. can assist. We can provide you with a safe solution for your tapes. Most tapes can be included in our buyback program in which we will pay you to recycle with us rather than charge for the data destruction. Contact us today for more information on our services and the tapes that we can pay you for.