Data Tape Recycling

When the time comes to pull tapes from your library that are no longer needed for storage, finding a safe disposal solution can be a daunting task. The main concerns are making sure any information on the tapes is removed and then the expense involved with such a project. Both are legitimate worries that if not carefully addressed can cost a company even more than anticipated. In addition to the cost of the removal of tapes, a possible data breech could occur resulting in a catastrophic cost. It is necessary to carefully choose the best option from a security and financial standpoint.

The data destruction required is best to take place in a secure facility capable of specifically handling tapes. The process should be NIST 800-88 and DoD compliant and a certificate authenticating the destruction should be issued as soon as the procedure is complete. You should be able to have the destruction done on a few tapes and test them yourselves to confirm no data can be recovered once it is eliminated.

The charges for data destruction and recycling can vary but can often be avoided altogether. Since tapes have a life of 30+ years, most cartridges still have value once they are wiped. Using a tape company that focuses on data destruction and recertification specific to tapes can help you earn money rather than spend it. Tape buybacks can be profitable way to solve your removal issue for redundant media. Once you have confidence in the data destruction, getting paid for the used tapes is a win-win situation for any IT department.