About Us

\National Sales Associates (NSA) was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the Industrial Park in Lawrence, MA.

The founding partners of NSA have had a successful history in the Magnetic Tape business with BASF Corporation and EMTEC Magnetics for over 15 years before taking that knowledge of global sourcing and manufacturing to National Sales Associates.

Today, NSA continues to sell re-certified and new OEM data tapes and provide a variety of tape services. In 2006 we expanded our product offering to include Eco Certified Compatible Toner as well as all the major brands of OEM toner products.  We offer the best of both worlds in toner cartridges.  We can supply OEM toners, a TA Compliant re-manufactured cartridge as well as a new build compatible toner, the lowest price option.

All NSA Eco-Certified™ products carry a lifetime warranty.

National Sales Associates continues to offer high quality but low cost options through our network of distributors. Our products and services are focused on our commitment to a green initiative in support of the environment.