Computer Media
Data Tape Buybacks

Media Buyback Program

Currently Looking for DAT-72 and DDS-4 Tapes!


We Buy Any or All : LTO-6, LTO-5, LTO-4, T10K-C, 3592 JB, 3592 JC, HP LTO-3

We may buy these tapes:  VXA, DAT-72, T10K, All 3592’s, LTO-3, LTO-2, 9940, 9840, AIT’s, SLR, 4mm, 8mm

These are very old tapes. We will not buy them, but we will assist in having them
removed and destroyed.-(Fee involved): LTO-1, 3590, 3480, 3490, Round Reels

Contact us and tell us the type of data tapes you are looking to recycle. Once we receive the tapes in to our secure facility they will go through a process of data destruction that meets the standards of NIST 800-88 and DoD. A certificate of data destruction can then be issued. We have worked with major corporations, financial institutions, and municipalities and all have been confident with our eradication process. Instead of paying another company for the same service, we can pay you. Let us help you put money back in to your IT budget!

We also offer recycling for LTO cases, OEM Packaging, and J-Cards!

We pay for freight on these items.

Benefits of Recycling

Only 13% of what is categorized as electronic waste is properly recycled. That number is astounding when you consider electronic waste represents 70% of all toxic waste. By recycling your electronics like data tapes, you are helping to protect the Earth from harmful chemicals included in these items. Being paid is an added benefit but most importantly you can be confident you are making a safe and responsibly choice.